• Beach Baby

    LIVE: BEACH BABY – 19/10/2016

    – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – The Deaf Institute is bustling with a fresher-flavoured friskiness tonight, albeit only at about two thirds capacity. London-based quartet Beach Baby are coming towards the end of the UK leg of their tour supporting their debut album, No Mind No Money, which came out in September. There is nothing […]

  • Jenny Hval

    LIVE: JENNY HVAL – 18/10/2016

    – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – ‘Music isn’t normal’ quipped Norwegian songwriter, Jenny Hval just hours ahead of her performance in Manchester’s Soup Kitchen. This poignant statement is certainly true in the case of Hval, yet by her standards, Blood Bitch, her most recent record, is possibly her most ‘normal’ record yet. Despite its themes of […]

  • Angel Olsen

    LIVE: ANGEL OLSEN – 14/10/2016

    – CLUB ACADEMY, MANCHESTER – A chorus of ambience welcomes Angel Olsen’s silver-suited, bolo-tied band of 1963 fantasy to Manchester’s darkened Club Academy, only to have them sink into the background as the velvet-adorned hellcat takes to the stage and turns to azurite as she steps into the spotlight and the open-mouth-kiss evening. S-1 in-hand, […]

  • Arab Strap

    LIVE: ARAB STRAP – 14/10/2016

    – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – It may be the faint stirrings of Christmas commercialism or the sour aftermath of Brexit Britain but there seems no better time to welcome back our favourite Scottish curmudgeons Arab Strap.  The band have returned to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a handful of special live shows on the back […]

  • Ulrika Spacek

    LIVE: ULRIKA SPACEK – 13/10/2016

    – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – When the history books have been written and the BBC4 documentaries made about the world of alternative music in 2016, there will need to be entire sections dedicated to the ubiquity of psych rock. A movement that revolves around reinterpreting the music of the original wave of hallucinogenic, distorted underground […]

  • spring king

    LIVE: SPRING KING / GET INUIT – 14/10/2016

    – ACADEMY 2, MANCHESTER – My back is up against the wall, adjacent to the bouncer, at a Friday night showcase of Spring King. I’d guess the modal age here is a good five years younger than myself as I cast my eyes towards opener Get Inuit. The crowd is tightly bunched towards the front, […]

  • Yvette Young

    LIVE: YVETTE YOUNG – 12/10/2016

    – GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – It feels like a 60’s love-in in the back room at Gullivers tonight, the majority of the crowd have taken to sitting on the floor of the intimate but packed space front of stage waiting for Yvette to start her set.  It’s a friendly atmosphere and everyone is comfortable and ready […]

  • The Island Club


    Energetic, floor-filler, upbeat and catchy are just some of the words appropriate for The Island Club’s latest offering. ‘Let Go’ has already been released across various platforms. Although many sounds can be heard in the single, the band centres in the synth pop/indie world although some rock influence is prevalent in their music. The track […]

  • PARQUET_COURTS_JAN_2016_0402

    LIVE: PARQUET COURTS – 10/10/2016

    – ACADEMY 2, MANCHESTER – 285 Kent-by-way-of-Texas pseudo-slackers Parquet Courts have been consuming culture at an unnatural rate and spitting it back out just as fast since 2011 in an endless effort to move beyond prescriptive expectation and reflect the great distances between humanity and the claustrophobia of the concrete world, but according to bassist […]

  • 150424-pity-sex

    LIVE: PITY SEX / EUGENE QUELL – 07/10/2016

    – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – There is a very loudly mic’d kick drum that first draws my attention to tonight’s support act Eugene Quell. I’ve missed opener Claw The Thin Ice due to a slightly gammy foot, the reason for both my late arrival and my choice to sit on a bench despite the crowd […]

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Much of the mainstream media has now lost touch with the everyday music fan.They treat music as a commercial product, when it should be treated with care and passion.

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